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Hey there! I’m a licensed esthetician for 7 years now. I was with Benefit Cosmetics for 6 of those years and my expertise is eyebrow shaping. I enjoy working in the beauty industry because it is ever changing and always keeps me on my toes. I thrive on meeting new clients and providing various services that allow me to showcase my skills and level of expertise. I provide a variety of services from Facials, Eyebrow waxing & tinting, makeup applications for all occasions, to full body waxing.

Hello & Welcome! My name is Paulina Maldonado, but you may know me as P. 

I'm a licensed nail technician currently located at Chi Browtique in River Forest, IL.

I graduated from New Age Spa Institute. I am certified in Reflexology, BARBICIDE, and BARBICIDE COVID precautions. 

I specialize in beautifying natural nails. My inspirations range from all things classic to trendy. I love free-hand nail art, cuticle oil, and the smell of nail polish. I have an eye for detail, color coordination, and the ability to provide a safe and relaxing experience with every visit. I am fueled by my passion for color and transforming insecurities into confidence! 

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